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LoopGiveaway – a loop giveaway without any reposts

Hi, guys! Finally we've started a new type of a contest - so-called loop giveaway!

You can create a loop giveaway right now.

Its essence is very simple: several owners of Instagram accounts (organizers) unite in one contest with their prizes. They post the same photo with contest description and link to one of the contest co-organizers so that the participant follows each link and returns to the initial post after a loop.

No reposts are needed! The only thing the participant should do is to like each photo and to subscribe for all organizers of the contest. The winner is selected randomly among all participants who fulfilled the conditions. The prizes are given to one winner or may be shared among three winners.

Why is loopgiveaway a very good contest type?

Since all followers of all organizers know about the contest, its coverage will be very great. And since all participants have to subscribe for all organizers, you'll get a significant increase of followers.

In fact that's an excellent tool of exchange of followers among the contest organizers.

We've already carried out some contests of this type successfully. Now we’re ready to offer these contests our clients.

What does it cost?

The cost of the contest depends on quantity of co-organizers and makes up 399 roubles for one co-organizer. As you can see, the sum is very affordable taking into account great coverage of the contest and significant increase of followers.

How to create a loop giveaway?

  1. Make arrangements with all sponsors about contest rules: planned period, prizes, image, description, quantity of winners etc. The minimum quantity of sponsors should make at least 10, the maximum quantity is unlimited.
  2. Post contest photos in Instagram with all sponsors. One sponsor - one photo.
  3. Add your contest, and post links to all photos of the organizers which the participants will have to like, and the accounts for which the participants will have to subscribe. The contest will be directed for the moderation and you’ll get confirmation letter.
  4. Pay for posting the contest at the rate 399 rbl/each organizer
  5. Upon receipt of payment and moderation, the contest will be posted on the site. The participants who fulfil all its conditions will be added to it.
  6. When the contest period is over, the winner will be selected randomly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write at, and we’ll be glad to help you.


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