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Photo or repost contest with #hashtag

Arrange qualitative and fair Instagram contests without any problems, supervise the whole process and analyze efficiency statistics. It is really affordable; just have a look at our prices.

Just specify your rules, and the service will make the rest

You can ask the participants:

  • To specify the unique #hashtag
  • To subscribe for @your account and some other accounts (up to 10 accounts)
  • To tag you @on the photo
  • To tag up to 5 friends on the photo

Moreover, you can:

  • Specify how many winners will be selected (to 30)
  • Specify the minimal required quantity of participants
  • Ask the participants to make repost or unique photo

Automatic check of rules

  • All rules specified by you will be automatically checked by the service. Only the photos meeting all conditions will be allowed to take part in the contest.


  • The participants can view the contest page, find their photos and make sure they've done everything correctly.

Automatic selection of winners, no numbers are required

Select the winners in one of the ways:

  • Randomly
  • According to the greatest number of likes
  • By the contest arranger personally

Statistics of the contest’s efficiency NEW

Analyze the contest results:

Read more in the blog

  • Increase of subscribers during the contest
  • Coverage of the people who have seen the contest posts
  • How many contest post has been made
  • How many likes the contest photos have got

Example of contest statistic


Why is it better than free services?

- does not only decide the winners, but also checks observance of all rules on each photo, which arouses more trust from participants, since they are in equal conditions.
- has no limitations on the quantity of checked photos which is convenient for large Instagram accounts. You have more than 10000 participants? That's no problem.
- The service allows to follow the contest process and to present its results clearly.
- Numerous subscribers in our groups assure additional promotion of the contest.
- We are always on the line and ready to help our clients, irrespective of time, holidays and weather.
- Besides, you can view efficiency statistics of the carried out contest which is the unique and very useful option.

My payment failed

Should you face any problems with payment, you can write at, and we'll find a way out.

What if something goes wrong?

Our consultant is always online on the site. The consultant will help you to create and start the contest, will inform you if something is made incorrectly, and will give you advice in any difficult situation. We support our clients both during the contest and after it.

How will I learn the winner?

A special block with winners' photos and their Instagram-names will be displayed on the contest page, after termination of the contest and decision on the winner in a way you selected. You can post a short link to the contest in your profile to show everybody the participants and winners.

What if the contest was already posted in Instagram few days ago?

You can organize the drawing using our site even if the contest has been already posted and the participants have already started to post their photos. Just enter the date of Instagram post as the date of contest start. Thus, the contest will include the photos made within the specified period only.
What should I do with the numbers I've already given to the participants?
Our service saves the participants from necessity to get their numbers. You can post a comment explaining that no numbers are needed, since the winner will be selected by

I still do not understand how it works

Please read Help section. You’re welcome to ask your questions by writing at or contacting our online consultant who would be glad to explain you everything into details.