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12 December, 2016 - 22:43

Efficiency statistics – a new features available for Instagram contests now

The statistics will help the organizers to understand how successful their contest was and how many people have seen it

When you arrange a contest in the Instagram, you definitely wonder about the end effect of it. Our clients wondered about this question as well and asked us to invent some way to measure the contest efficiency, because the manual count of new followers, likes and the estimation of post coverage are too tiresome and take so much time.

Now we've got the solution! The recent service update got a new option - review of the contest statistics. It is available only for the organizer and provides information on the statistics of account and activity of participants during the contest.

Here is an example of how the statistics looks like:

We realized the basic wishes of our clients within the range of our technical possibilities. And here is what we got:

Quantity of followers before and after the contest- one of the most needed values, since the most contests are carried out in order to increase follower quantity.

Coverage - shows how many people have seen the posts made by the contest participants. This is another one important value, because even if the user did not participate in your competition, he/she has seen the friend's post and has noticed your brand.

Quantity of post. In total - this is the quantity of post with your hashtag made by the participants, by rules - how many photos which meet the conditions got to the contest.

Quantity of likes - how many likes all photos made by the contest participants got.

 And what values or functions do you need?

If you have any special wishes in statistics sphere or if you want to propose some functions we lack for, please, feel free to write us about it. Your wishes may be realized in the short run.

Run the contest using the site! Now our service saves your time not only during the contest, but after it as well.



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