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2 December, 2016 - 22:40

How should a good photo for giveaway contest in Instagram look like

The important things for preparing the contest's photo

Popularity of a contest in Instagram depends on many different factors. These are the contest conditions and the offered prize. But the photos are the whole show in Instagram, therefore, the quality of the contest's picture should not be neglected.

Today we'll tell you how your contest's picture should look like to draw more attention to your contest.

Let's define the contest's picture tasks at first.

Drawing attention to the contest

The picture of the contest should stand out from the other photos; therefore, if the majority of photos in your account (for example, goods photo) have the same style, it would be better to make the contest's picture in the other style.

The contest's photos should be noticeable in the news of your followers. Therefore you can write a large inscription like "Competition from @your_account" over it. You can write the contest name as well.

Picture should look good, not repulsive

The photo may be made not in a professional photo studio, but it should not look like shot by a five-years-old kid. You can use mobile apps for a photo collage or make it with the computer. If you decide to make a picture by yourself, you should select qualitative photos of the goods from manufacturer's website or from photo stocks. You can address to some familiar designer or even order the picture at design studio, but keep in mind that after all it's just a simple picture for a contest and you should neither overrate, nor underrate the influence of its design on contest efficiency.

You can order "Contest on the turnkey basis", and we’ll make a good and qualitative picture for you.

Showing the prize

Everybody participates in a contest willing to win the prize. Therefore, the best choice for the contest's picture would be showing the award for it. If it is possible, you can combine presentation of your prize with showing the main idea of the contest or its basic rules.

Showing #hashtag of the contest

It's better to use the unique hashtag for your contest in order to separate contest photos from the other photos which do not even concern to your brand. For example, a hashtag #armchair is too general, there is a plenty of photos with this tag having nothing to do with you and your contest. The hashtag #happyarmchair is much better.

Representing the basic conditions for participation

You can list actions or conditions which participants should fulfil, if it does not disturb the picture's composition. But this is not essential, because the detailed information will be added to the photo description anyway.

The contest's picture should serve the main aim - informing the followers on the contest. The attempt to fulfil the other promotion tasks using it can harm your contest and water down the basic aim. Besides, the size of any Instagram photo does not allow to place much information on it.

Now let's see what tasks the contest's picture should NOT complete.

Should not: open details of consumer properties of the prizes

This would make your picture overloaded with information. In the description you should rather focus on participation conditions. You can make a special photo for description of the prize details where you can show the award and provide detailed information and advantages of it in the description.

Should not: form the brand image, promote a new product

Of course Instagram contest can be the part of promotion campaign, but it should not be the base or the start of it. If you start to sell a new product, you should present some posts telling about it at first, and only then you can arrange the contest. In this case you can refer to the previous entries describing the product and do not overburden the contest's picture and description with much excess information.

Should not: cost much and need a lot of time to be made

Instagram is rather informal social network where ordinary people, not professional photographers post their photos. That's absolutely OK, if your photo is not the perfection itself. Therefore, a banner or a billboard should be definitely made by professional designer studios. But the highest professionalism will be hardly appreciated in Instagram. Even if you have a mobile phone with Full HD resolution, the Instagram photo cannot be more than 680 pixels wide and high.

If to say in general and take into account aiming of to organizers to inform about the contest as many people as possible - the picture for the contest should look share-worthy. This is especially topical for repost-contests. You can read about the other contest formats in this article.